29 April–11 June, 2015


Loreta Sáez Franco solo exhibition



Pearl Lam Galleries is proud to present its second show at SOHO 189, Nostalgia, a solo exhibition by Spanish artist Loreta Sáez Franco. The exhibition will feature 15 of the artist’s recent small and medium-scale oil on canvas paintings, along with a black and white video work, that capture Sáez Franco’s desire to retrieve the lost innocence from her idealised memories of the past. Drawing inspiration from the solemnity and spirituality of the Spanish Old Masters, Sáez Franco creates her own poetic imagery that evokes an atmosphere of a lost paradise through a combination of compact and expansive spatula strokes created by systemic body movements. Her overlapping veils of colour create an illusion of indefinite depth, inviting the viewer to look beyond the surface for further meaning.

Selected works