31 July–2 September, 2015

Ni Haifeng: Asynchronous, Parallel, Tautological, et cetera…

Hong Kong


Pearl Lam Galleries will present a solo exhibition by Amsterdam and Beijing-based artist Ni Haifeng, featuring works from the late 1980s to the present. The exhibition invites viewers to draw parallel meanings between the artworks and, in doing so, to contemplate on their narrative as a whole. Ni’s artwork refutes a linear or chronological interpretation by staging an experience that situates art, in the artist’s words, “in a zero moment or an instant of no gravity.”

For we must read between the lines; removing the artwork’s temporal and physical content involves interrogating the politics of representation and exposing the inherent ideological structure that uses art to legitimate a set historical trajectory. This predicament is often done at the expense of concealing the maker’s own nuances that are inherently personal and humanistic in nature. Asynchronous, Parallel, Tautological, et cetera… investigates the gap that demarcates the artist’s own experiences and how the experiences resist the compartmentalisation of meaning within a coherent master narrative. Furthermore, Ni’s marginal position in the art world provides a unique perspective for exposing the broader social economic circumstances surrounding his working process and how they affect his self-identity.

Selected works