The Artist Mr Doodle Announces the Release of Limited Edition Colour Prints and Collector Box Editions from his NEW Pop Heart Collection


Love is in the air this summer as Mr Doodle marries Mrs Doodle and is set to release his limited edition Pop Heart print collection and collector box editions. The collection of nine different hearts in nine colours will begin with the release of three prints, titled: Pop Heart – Robot Kiss, Pop Heart – Puppy Love and Pop Heart – Flower Warmth.

Each print release will be limited to 300 plus 10 AP of each image. Of the 300, 200 will be sold in single editions and 100 of each colour will make up 100 special collector box sets.

Launch Date: Saturday, 14 August, 2021

Launch Time: 11pm Beijing / 4pm London / 11am New York / 8am Los Angeles

For more details, please visit Pearl Lam Galleries eShop (