1 August-30 November 2023

Disney Doodles: Disney Art Collection by Mr Doodle



Macau—Pearl Lam Galleries and ARTOX Group are delighted to present Disney Doodles, a new collaborative solo exhibition in Macau by British artist Mr Doodle in celebration of the Walt Disney Company’s upcoming 100th anniversary. Mr Doodle and Disney share a desire to spread love and happiness through their imaginative, immersive creations. In tribute to classic Disney pictures, the artist has reinterpreted 24 images in the form of his signature doodle paintings. Themed around the concept ‘Mr Doodle introduces doodles to Mickey and his friends’, the paintings will be accompanied by a series of five limited edition prints in editions of 100.

About the Artist

Mr Doodle represents a new generation of artists, bringing doodling as a contemporary art form to the masses and showing at museum exhibitions globally. Identifying with street and urban art, Mr Doodle has constructed a whole new visual phenomenon: his DoodleWorld, where he manifests his vision of the world, producing mesmerising and dense clusters of characters, objects and patterns that grow and multiply relentlessly.

Installation Views