15 July-21 July, 2022

DOODLE TRANSFORMATION: Mr Doodle at Pearl Lam Galleries



Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present Doodle Transformation, British artist Mr Doodle’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, featuring a new series of multi-layered paintings titled ‘Abstract Doodlism’, together with his signature works where doodle characters spread out smoothly in clean and neat lines.

Inspired by the artist’s drawings he created while in a psychiatric hospital, Mr Doodle has created an entirely new twist on his visual language. Executed in a faster, looser, messier approach, layers of lines lie on top of one another, forming what art writer Sarah Forman describes as “true tangled messes of characters that simultaneously leap out of and recede into the canvas”.

Mr Doodle says, “I loved creating the large, free form abstract doodle characters on the giant pieces of canvas and layering these with smaller rapid stacks of concentrated one-line doodles. I’m really excited about this new series of work that I have been making. I think it has a lot of potential to grow and lead to alternative visual aesthetics!”

Works in the show include the densely layered ‘Squid City’, which explores an underwater theme embedded within structures of graffiti spaghetti. Also, on show is ‘Hot Dynamite’, which shows Mr Doodle really letting loose on the canvas with huge explosions of colour and wild characters, a true exploration into what is possible with spray paint in this realm of DoodleWorld.

Selected works