11 January – 3 March 2024

Heaven on Earth: Danful Yang at sketch London



London—Pearl Lam Galleries, a driving force in Asia’s contemporary art scene, will collaborate with the eclectic avant-garde destination sketch in Mayfair, London for a series of exhibitions in 2024. The Shanghai and Hong Kong-based gallery’s takeover of sketch kicks off on 11 January and will run until 3 March with Heaven on Earth, an exhibition by the Chinese artist Danful Yang. Yang, an emerging artist from Pearl Lam Galleries’ roster of international artists, will transform the reception area with a porcelain wall installation, intricate works with glass perfume bottles, and bespoke handmade embroidery on canvas and foam packing boxes. Yang’s intervention proposes to stage a clash between idealism and consumerism using the Chinese landscape as a visual motif to address appropriation as a strategy for expressing human aspiration. 

Devil or Angel will transform the forms of modified porcelain doll figures into visually striking artwork. Delicately balanced within lengthy PVC tubes, these fragmented porcelain figures contrast their typically flawless material, encouraging viewers to appreciate the beauty in imperfection. Yang’s use of these figures prompts contemplation of purity and innocence and the allure of fragmented forms, transcending the somber themes often associated with destruction or violence in busy environments.sketch will also showcase her Inside Chic series, a body of work inspired by her travels and employing the unique technique of reverse painting. Driven by an affinity for collecting exquisite aromas, Yang’s series of works delve into the enduring allure of perfume and beauty bottles. These objects, surpassing their utilitarian purpose, shift from being mere containers to becoming distinctive accessories—intricately crafted sculptures. Miniature landscapes can be seen inside these stylised vessels housed individually inside a reflective box to project a kaleidoscopic vision.

In Packing Me Softly, Yang explores the overlooked role of packaging, emphasising the protective significance of the box itself. She parallels this negligence with society’s disregard for cleaning personnel despite prioritising city cleanliness. The series involves transforming a taped-up packing box into an object of care and respect through fragile silk hand embroidery.

Nigerian artist Alimi Adewale will present an exploration of African heritage, identity, and the human experience from March to April. The exhibition invites viewers to celebrate the beauty and resilience of the African spirit. Adewale will exhibit sculptures combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements and paintings that capture the essence of African life, offering a deeper understanding of its multifaceted identity.

Acclaimed British artist Mr Doodle, also known as Sam Cox, is set to undertake a creative transformation of the reception area and the iconic bathroom pods at sketch from May to July. Mr Doodle’s recognisable and vibrant illustrations, featuring interlocking colourful designs and distinctive characters, will adorn the interiors of these spaces. With his signature doodling style, he has carved out a unique place in the art world. His designs have already brought to life architectural facades and interiors, such as a 12-room mansion in Kent, England and the showroom of Artelli in Macao, China. Through his work, Mr Doodle aims to establish a universal doodling language. He continues his mission by bringing his captivating designs to life on the sketch canvas.

From January to February 2025, aligning with Lunar New Year, sketch will host an exhibition featuring collaborative works by Chinese artist Zhu Peihong and architect Lilyo Zhao. The artists will take over the reception area using Zhu’s abstract painting Ocean 2019-2 as a visual foundation for an abstract installation, while Zhao will deconstruct and reassemble the artwork. Their installation is set to incorporate neon light tubes, bespoke crafted irregular-shaped LED screens, VR technology, stainless-steel painted forms, and ring lamps to create what they describe as sculptures and installations with painting attributes. The essence of their collaborative practice revolves around exploring themes of light and space. Through their abstract artworks, the duo aims to create a space that can be felt, where one can observe the relationship between the artwork and its surrounding space.

Pearl Lam, Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries said, “I am thrilled to begin this exciting collaboration with sketch, uniting and championing Chinese, British and African voices and celebrating the power of cultural exchange. Our gallery continues to stimulate an international dialogue and I’m delighted that sketch is platforming this vision.”

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