6 June–1 Sep 2024

sketch and doodle

British artist Mr Doodle transforms interiors of Grade II* listed London restaurant sketch and its iconic egg-shaped space Pods



London—Acclaimed British artist and viral sensation Mr Doodle, also known as Sam Cox, is set to undertake a creative transformation of Mayfair restaurant sketch in London with his solo exhibition sketch and doodle from 6 June–1 September, 2024. This exhibition marks the third instalment in a collaborative series between Pearl Lam Galleries, spearheaded by its eponymous founder, and the venue.

Mr Doodle’s vibrant illustrations will occupy the reception area and extend to the twelve retro-futurist egg-shaped Pod loos and adorn the walls of the Grade II* listed venue’s bathroom. His interlocking designs will fill the Pods with recognisable characters from his work, as well as doodles directly referencing the venue’s burst of colour and echoing the hues of the ninety overhead windows in the Pod area.

Exciting live doodling performances by the artist will take place over the month of June when Mr Doodle will work on his artworks at the venue, providing visitors with the opportunity to witness the artwork come to life.

Coinciding with this exhibition is Mr Doodle! Museum Mayhem at The Holburne Museum in Bath, marking his first ever UK museum show. The exhibition runs from 3 May to 1 September, 2024 and takes as its starting point a selection of Mr Doodle’s sketchbooks that go back to his teenage years. In addition to the sketchbooks, canvases and sculptures on show, Mr Doodle’s artwork adorns the actual walls, floors and ceilings of The Holburne Museum itself and even spreads beyond the museum, into the streets of the beautiful city of Bath.

Mr Doodle’s compulsive doodle style has become his trademark, setting him apart in the contemporary art scene. His designs have already brought to life architectural facades and interiors, such as a 12-room mansion in Kent, England in which he and his family live. To date, Mr Doodle has amassed 2.9 million Instagram followers and collaborated with high-profile brands such as Fendi, Puma, Disney and Samsung. Through his work, Mr Doodle seeks to establish a universal doodle language, a mission he continues with his captivating designs, now bringing it to life on the canvas of sketch.

The Pearl Lam Galleries x sketch collaborative series highlights Chinese, African, and British voices from the gallery, playing a crucial role in fostering international dialogue and cross-cultural exchange between the East and West. Previous exhibitions include Chinese artist Danful Yang and Nigerian artist Alimi Adewale, and in January 2025 will feature Chinese artist Zhu Peihong and architect Lilyo Zhao.

Sam Cox, aka Mr Doodle says, “I’m looking forward to doodling at sketch. It’s a very cool place—I can’t wait to get my hands on those Pods and eat some of the tasty food in all of the restaurants at No. 9 Conduit Street!”

Pearl Lam, Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, says, “I couldn’t be happier to continue collaborating with sketch and bring you a summer filled with the joy of doodles. Mr Doodle’s mission of creating a universal doodle language resonates profoundly with all of us. The ongoing collaborative series between Pearl Lam Galleries and sketch has consistently been committed to promoting cross-cultural interaction, highlighting voices from China, Africa, and Britain. This exhibition is a joyous tribute to the ability of art to bridge boundaries and spark significant dialogues.”

Mourad Mazouz, Founder of sketch, says, “The timing of Mr Doodle’s inauguration at sketch could not be more fitting. The artist’s obvious talent coupled with his sense of fun will bring joy to our many national and international visitors—the world has never needed sunshine and a cup full of happiness as much as the present; no one can deliver this more than Mr Doodle. sketch is so pleased to host Mr Doodle’s work and we are delighted to continue our collaboration with Pearl Lam Galleries.”