26 March–30 May, 2011

“Wu Ming”, form is formless

Featuring artists Feng Mengbo, Lei Hong, Qin Feng, Qin Yufen, Tan Ping, Wang Dongling, Zhang Jianjun, Zheng Chongbin, Zhu Jinshi



Pearl Lam Fine Art is proud to present “Wu Ming”, form is formless: Chinese Abstract Art, which showcases the work of nine prominent Chinese Contemporary artists who exemplify the many approaches to and beliefs underpinning this relatively undiscovered genre of ‘Chinese Abstract Art’. Pearl Lam Fine Art’s mission is to emphasize the unique philosophy and characteristics of this genre in order to rectify the West’s misconception that Chinese Abstract Art is derived from Western Abstract Expressionism.

The term ‘abstract’ is a word used to imply a sense of freedom. Although Chinese Abstract may appear to be related to Western Abstract, owing to free forms and ‘formlessness’, it actually stems from a completely different thought process. Chinese Abstract Art has not evolved from Clement Greenberg’s theory, but rather it is an extension of Chinese culture based on Laozi (Taoism), Buddhism and Confucianism, which is fundamentally reflected in Chinese traditional ink brush and calligraphy culture. Chinese abstract artists adopt the philosophy behind ink brush painting, using the Taoist theory, qi and wuwei to create works that both embrace China’s 5,000 years of tradition with their reaction to present day urbanization through various mediums of oil painting, ink, video and installation.

Pearl Lam Fine Art has championed Chinese Contemporary Abstract art since exhibiting Mind Space, Maximalism in Contrasts, curated by Prof. Gao Minglu in May 2010. Contemporary Chinese Abstract Art can be seen as an extension of Chinese culture, where self-cultivation is key. Following the notion of Tian Di Ren the unity of heaven, earth and man, works are created as a form of spiritual enlightenment and a means to process thoughts, ultimately achieving a sense of balance and humanity. Works by Feng Mengbo, Lei Hong, Qin Feng, Qin Yufeng, Tan Ping, Wang Dongling, Zhang Jianjun, Zheng Chongbin and Zhu Jinshi all embody this philosophy, embracing rhythm and qi, and look to connect to a higher power and universe.

Selected works