ARTLYST | Luke Heng: After Asphodel – Singapore Artist Profile – Eva Wong Navan

Feb 11, 2018 | by Eva Wong Navan   Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore, is situated at Gillman Barracks, one of Singapore’s several art hubs. There, Heng’s current exhibition is entitled, ‘After Asphodel’. Asphodel is a…

12 Feb 2018

ArtLyst | Singapore Art Week: The Last Word – Paul Carter Robinson

Jan 31, 2018 | by Paul Carter Robinson   Day three: Off to a David Lachapelle exhibition at Pearl Lam Gallery in yet another converted barracks. This time the spaces have been converted to art galleries,…

01 Feb 2018

OCULA | Ged Quinn at Pearl Lam Galleries

Jul 5, 2017 | by Elliat Albrecht     A former Liverpool rock musician with notable 1980s hits to his name, British artist Ged Quinn (b. 1963, UK) now comes off as an avid reader….

06 Jul 2017

ARTICULATE | Gonkar Gyatso Buddha In Our Times

Articulate | Winter 2016 | Gonkar Gyatso Buddha In Our Times | by Russell Kelty    

15 Jun 2016

Time Out Hong Kong | Raw Intent

Time Out Hong Kong | 18-31 May 2016 | Art and Culture | ‘Raw Talent’ | by Hannah Hodson From working in a shed in the back of his parents’ garden to winning the BP Portrait Award,…

26 May 2016

SCMP | Solo Hong Kong exhibition for British paint-throwing artist

Antony Micallef, winner of second place at the prestigious BP Portrait Award in 2000, likens his practice to trying to control a huge wave of water, with results that are far from predictable PUBLISHED :…

25 May 2016

Harper’s Bazaar Germany | ‘AUF & DAVON: WELTSTADT IM AUFBRUCH’

Harper’s Bazaar Germany | Dr. Hiltrud Bontrup | March 2016 ‘AUF & DAVON: WELTSTADT IM AUFBRUCH’ pp. 211-215

29 Mar 2016


CONTEMPORARY ASIAN ART AT TEFAF 2016 BY PAUL LASTER New to TEFAF 2016 is Pearl Lam Galleries, which has locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Lam is showing lacquered, monochromatic paintings by artist Su Xiaobai and abstract expressionistic…

19 Mar 2016

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte | ‘Pearl Lam: la perla de Asia’

Portrait of Pearl Lam. Heredera de una familia ligada a la banca de Hong Kong, Pearl Lam se reencontró con sus raíces chinas tras vivir en Occidente. Ser consciente del rico legado cultural de su…

10 Mar 2016