LifeStyle Journal | Plant a Future

A.A. Murakami are the artists behind Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers). Working across the media of architecture, sculpture, installation, and film, their work explores the future of resources in the age of globalization.

10 Feb 2022

The Standard | 14 Jan, 2022 Print Edition

The concept of renewal may have been done to death by many, but not for AA Murakami. The duo reimagines society through architecture and technology with their speculation on the evolution of buildings as harboring…

14 Jan 2022

TimeOut HK | A Thousand Layers of Stomach: A Solo Exhibition by A.A. Murakami

A solo exhibition by London/Tokyo-based artist duo A.A. Murakami, A Thousand Layers of Stomach draws from Metabolism, a post-war architectural movement originating in Japan with an idea of rebirth of the built environment. Bridging technological…

11 Jan 2022

THE MILLENNIAL SOURCE | A.A. Murakami explore our future through “unnatural phenomena”

Artists A.A. Murakami(Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami) are the artists responsible for Studio SWINE (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers). They work in various mediums, including film, sculpture, architecture, installations and more. Their films have garnered recognition…

06 Jan 2022

ZTYLEZ HK | Art Guide: You can’t miss these blockbuster exhibitions in the first month of 2022!

Drawn from Metabolism, a post-war architectural movement originating in Japan with an idea of rebirth of the built environment, A Thousand Layers of Stomach is an exhibition that simulates an endless state of change in…

06 Jan 2022

CoBo Social | GalleriesGal Picks: Exhibitions in Hong Kong to see in January

It’s a bit weird to write about art exhibitions while still being in the holiday mood. It feels like an untimely reminder that the end and the beginning of the year are actually right next…

06 Jan 2022

Tatler HK | 10 Exhibitions Not to Miss in December 2021

Don’t miss these new Hong Kong art exhibitions that look at landscapes, people and nature in Hong Kong and around the world this December.

05 Jan 2022

Q&A 11 Questions With A.A. Murakami

David Chan asked A.A. Murakami (Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami) 11 questions about their creative process. Here is what they had to say: David Chan (DC) is a Hong Kong and Shanghai-based curator who works…

25 Nov 2021

TimeOut HK | Solo exhibition by Dale Frank at Pearl Lam Galleries

09 Nov 2021