Zhou Yangming (b. 1971)

Born in 1971 in Taizhou, China, Zhou Yangming has been living and working in Beijing for over 20 years. In 1996, he joined Xu Beihong’s studio to improve his artistic practice. Later, Zhou moved to Songzhuang artist village. Currently, he lives and works in Shanghai. The artist’s works revolve around lines and space; for over 10 years, Zhou has continued to paint short lines regularly and repeatedly every day. Every subtle short line shows the intersection of fluctuant and serene emotion. The artist feels the passage of time by breathing. This process is not rooted in the arts or connected to any goals, but is fused with everyday life. Painting is a transformative activity that documents his meditations and practices.


Zhou’s works are in keeping with the following concept from the Dao De Ching, “The Way bears sensation, Sensation bears memory, Sensation and memory bear abstraction, and abstraction bears all the world.” Zhou creates an infinite space by painting lines. He tries to use series of paintings to illustrate his concept of space instead of presenting it in every individual work. Space will never be limited; it is born out of a relationship between movement and transformation. Zhou’s paintings do not possess a narrative logic. There is no reconstructed circumstance or conversation. Lines within his paintings become lifelike and conversational. From the consciousness of writing and the bottom of his heart, the artist ultimately creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere in his works while emphasizing repetition, continuity, mental clarity through simplicity, and self-cultivation through the concept of a spiritual infinity.


Zhou Yangming has held various solo exhibitions as well as participated in group exhibitions in China, Europe, and the USA. Important solo exhibitions include Begin Again (2017), Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong, China; Zhou Yangming Recent Works (2012), Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie., Essen, Germany and Meticulous Transcendence (2005), Onemoon Art, Beijing, China. Selected group exhibitions include The Plane of Rewriting (2017), Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, China; Emptiness in Time (2016), BA Art Space, Shanghai, China; Simple Is Good (2015), Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China; Virtual Transcend Power—Six Chinese Abstract Artists (2014), Museum für Aktuelle Kunst – Sammlung Hurrle, Germany; Immaculate (2014), Da Xiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan; China – Germany: Abstract Painting Today (2012), WILO Germany, Dortmund, Germany; Yi Pai—Century Thinking (2009), Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Yi Pai: 30 Years of Chinese “Abstraction” (2008), CaixaForum, Palma/Barcelona/Madrid, Spain; and Prayer Beads and Brush Strokes (2003), Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China.