Zhou Yangming (b. 1971)

Born in 1971 in Taizhou, China, Zhou Yangming has been living and working in Beijing for over 20 years. Since childhood, Zhou Yangming has been interested in art and is now one of the most distinctive Chinese abstract artists in China. While studying in Beijing, in 1996 he joined Xu Beihong’s studio to improve his artistic practice. Later, he moved to Songzhuang artist village, and recently organized several exhibitions dedicated to this place.

Zhou’s works are all based on line and space, which ultimately reflect his thoughts and ideas at that specific moment. By drawing and painting line upon line, he creates a colourful surface which shows great training of both hand and mind.

Zhou Yangming has held varying solo exhibitions as well as participating in group exhibitions in China, Europe and USA. Important solo exhibitions include: Labor Time – Zhou Yangming Personal Exhibition (2005), Yi Yue Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China; Zhou Yangming Latest Artworks (2012), Shikela Art Gallery, Essen, Germany. Zhou Yangming took part in numerous group exhibitions, including Beads and Brush Strokes (2003), Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China; Yi Pai: 30 Years of Chinese “Abstract” (2008), CaixaForum Culture Center, Parma – Barcelona – Madrid, Spain; Yi Pai – Thoughts of a Century (2009), Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; China – Germany: Today Abstract Painting (2012), WILO Germany, Dortmund, Germany; Spotless, Daxiang Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan and Virtual Transcend Power – Six Chinese Abstract Artists, Dobach Contemporary Art Museum, Germany (both in 2014).