19 December, 2020–15 January, 2021

The Ideals



The Ideals, a group exhibition co-presented by Pearl Lam Galleries and Gallery Sohe, references the role of the modern architect as an idealist and constructor. The exhibition presents the space as a multi-layered encounter that simultaneously features radical modernist design and contemporary abstract art that challenge Western modernism through concept, form, and the experimentation of materials.

The exhibition encourages a reflective approach for viewers to ponder upon modernist ideals within a technological age. It further questions the meaning of “ideal” within a contemporary context. The exhibits were created from the early to mid-20th century, embodying modernist aesthetics that align with the progressive spirit of that era—more specifically, the drive for a social utopia through means of social changes and improvements for the well-being of the general public. These ideas are further exemplified through the radical forms of the exhibits, the utilization of the simplistic materials, and standardization in production. Meanwhile, the exhibiting artworks reference modern idealism as a point of departure for social critique, addressing post-modern concerns such as cultural identity, race, and related discourse.

Selected works