22 March–28 April, 2016


Contemporary approaches to materials and memory

Hong Kong


Hong Kong—Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present Structures of Recollection, a group show curated by Paul Moorhouse that features works by six leading contemporary artists: Chun Kwang Young, Leonardo Drew, Dale Frank, Hew Locke, Qiu Deshu, and Yinka Shonibare MBE. The title and theme of the exhibition refers to Marcel Proust’s monumental novel In Search of Lost Time, published between 1913 and 1927, and will take place at the Galleries’ Pedder Building space from 22 March to 28 April, 2016.

Paul Moorhouse, 20th Century Curator at the National Portrait Gallery London, takes from In Search of Lost Time the Proustian theme that the physical world, its inhabitants, and all experience are fugitive: everything that exists comes into being, endures, and then disappears from the flux of reality. Structures of Recollection focuses on the notion that the material fabric of the world and the objects within it act as triggers for memory, a concern that is shared by each of the six leading contemporary artists who feature in this exhibition.

Selected works